Dorset Park Neighbourhood Work Team

Vision: The Dorset Park Neighbourhood Work Team’s vision is to further integrate collaboration and processes that lead to meaningful and realistic outcomes for newcomers in Dorset Park.

To find out more about priorities and implementation activities or how to get involved with the Dorset Park NWT, please contact us.


· ACSA Newcomer Centre
· ANC Dorset Park
· Centre for Information and Community Services
· East Metro Youth Services
· LIP Newcomer Ambassadors
· City of Toronto Social Planning, Finance and Administration
· McGregor Park Community Centre
· McGregor Park Library
· Scarborough Museum
· Scarborough Housing Help Centre
· Tamil Eelam Society of Canada
· Toronto Public Health


Resources produced by the Dorset Park Work Team can be accessed here.

The Dorset Park Knowledge Needs Survey
This survey was developed and administered by the LIP South Scarborough Dorset Park Neighbourhood Work Team. Purpose of this questionnaire was to find out about training and knowledge needs of local service providers and determine the best approach to sharing knowledge and training opportunities. The outcomes of the survye may be viewed by clicking here.

Outreach to Newcomers:  Successful Practices this is another item that the team worked on.