The Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) South Scarborough is a collaborative partnership involving service providers, stakeholders and newcomers in identifying newcomer issues and developing a coordinated plan to address them. LIP South Scarborough is active in three neighbourhoods in Scarborough: Dorset Park, Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park and ScarboroughVillage. The project was initiated in October 2009 to build a shared vision for newcomers in our communities, with CCS as the Lead Agency. Our aim is to develop strong, sustainable partnerships to meaningfully engage newcomers and to develop a model of service delivery that works seamlessly from the perspective of newcomers.

From October 2009 to January 2011, LIP South Scarborough engaged service providers, newcomers and other stakeholders in the three neighbourhoods in a series of community forums and workgroups, resulting in the development of a strategic plan with recommendations for enhancing the settlement and integration of newcomer residents into our neighbourhoods.

The LIP South Scarborough is now moving into Phase 2, the implementation of the Local Settlement Strategy. In the coming year, the partners involved in LIP South Scarborough will continue their collaborative work by beginning to implement the strategic recommendations with a focus on service coordination, partnerships, available and accessible information, and employment for newcomers.   

Getting Involved With LIP South Scarborough
Are you interested in advancing newcomer issues in South Scarborough? You are welcome to give us your feedback or participate in a neighbourhood work team, one of our newcomer workgroups or a meeting for stakeholders in your neighbourhood.

Contact Information

Irmi Hutfless
416.757.7010 ext. 214 | ihutfless@cathcrosscultural.org

Yumna Nabi
416.795.9528 | ynabi@cathcrosscultural.org